Fields of study

The work in the courses is respectively aligned to the intended field of study. All orientation consultation about enrolment at Klasse Mappe courses is free of charge.

We offer courses for the following field of study:


  • Communication Design
  • Product Design
  • Photo Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Motion Design
  • Game Design
  • Interior Design, Inner Architektur
  • Production Design, Scenography (equipment for film and theater)
  • Costume Design


Visual Art

  • Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Performance
  • Photography, Video
  • Art for teaching
  • Textile Design
  • Glass Art

Which university?

All who need a portfolio for their academic path in art, design or other artistic programs, have the same question:

How should the portfolio look like? How can I show myself at my best? What are the mistakes that should be avoided?

Each college or university has a different profile and different requirements. It is therefore necessary to make not only the necessary work, but also to develop a strategy and give the portfolio a unique style. Thanks to the large number of previous successful applications with well-noted homework and portfolio, we have an excellent overview of the specific requirements of the German art academies and colleges.

In Germany, there are exceptional universities in almost all major cities. From this large range of options, it can be difficult to choose the one that fits the best for you.

Therefore, we naturally offer a decision support in choosing the right school.

List of universities in Germany

Basic course

Our courses focus on the individual artistic abilities of their participants, to ensure that the portfolio will show the upmost qualification for the chosen field of study.

Course duration:

The course takes place 3 times a week from minimum 3 to 6 months, depending on the result of the applications.


Please contact us for more information.


350,00 € per month. A basic set of materials is included.


Personal coaching

In private coaching, we will clarify how your portfolio can meet the art school entrance criteria. Or: If you feel insecure for coming examination… coaching helps further!

Course duration:

Depending on the agreement/ duration approx. 60 min


80,00 € per hour


Crash/Holiday course

Crash course is recommended when the “essential” works for the portfolio is missing or if an aptitude test at a university approaches. A concentrated work and a constructed feedback can work wonders with improving your portfolio! Due to the small number of participants (maximum 6 participants), intensive work and advancement are guaranteed. Basic set of materials is included.

Course duration:

Minimum duration of a crash course is one week- 5 days with 8 hours per day or by appointment. Follow-up of subjects is also possible via Skype.


The fee depends on the number of participants. The course only takes place with a minimum of 3 participants. The fee is 440,00 €. With 4 participants or more the fee is 400,00 €. Basic equipment and breakfast is included. Please feel free to contact us.

Holiday courses are usually held during the vacation period, please ask for appointment!


Creative training

Creative Training is offered to develop a pleasure in ones own creative ways, without any attempt at an artistic study. It will be trained through various techniques, experienced support in implementing their own themes and an experience in a group with an intense artistic atmosphere in the studio.


Depends on the request


The costs depend on the demand. Please ask. See also the website of our agency»vasistas berlin«


Nude drawing

For those interested only in the nude drawing class, please ask for the specific information. Contact
See also the website of our agency »vasistas berlin«



Please contact us for the registration. Contact